Sunday, June 27, 2010

Prettiest Sewing Table On the Block :)

For starters, we Simple Girls apologize for the insane amount of inactivity happening over here. Summer always seems to be such a busy time for all three of us, but this one seems especially so! Brooke's spending the summer as our world traveler, Katrina's an extremely busy full-time mom to 3 sweet little girls and I'm filling my days with getting ready for summer camp, keeping my oh-so-precious niece and, well, this....

It's official. The office project is well underway. And by well underway, I mean that the walls and furniture are painted and it functions as an office again, instead of a room full of tables pushed to the middle of the room. I'm still working on getting pictures and such on the walls, getting some curtains made/purchased and picking up a few more accessories to finish it off. I'm EXTREMELY pleased with the results so far and FINALLY feel like I'm working in a classy adult space as opposed to a young, full of college leftovers space.

The biggest obstacle to completing the makeover was this one...

This sewing table belonged to my mom's mom. I love thinking about all the amazing things she created while sitting at this very table and how I get to continue that tradition! The honey color wasn't bad, but it really didn't match what I was going for in my new and improved office.

It's got some cool detail on the legs and sides.

And LOTS of damage on the top from wet ups and flower pots.

Check that out! The top folds open to create a bigger work surface. Back in the day, my Nanny was able to store her sewing machine inside the table and raise it up when she was ready to use it. That function doesn't really work now, but that work space is perfect for all kinds of sewing projects!

And after HOURS of sanding (definitely used an electric sander and totally not even kidding about the amount of time it took...I think it took about 45 minutes to get the feeling back in the hands and arms!), 2 coats of paint, several coats of varnish and loads of drying time, I'm pleased to present this beauty...

So polished and so chic in my new office (and yes, that's the new office wall color you see there! More on that in an upcoming post.)

To take care of the brassy hardware, I simply removed it, sprayed it silver and finished it with a clear spray sealer. Hopefully it will all stand up to some wear and tear.

If this pretty little thing doesn't motivate me to whip up some of the cutest little baby items, I don't know what will!! Stay tuned for more on my office makeover!!


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