Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Buggy Table

One of the reasons I choose themes for the girls' parties as far ahead as possible is that I can collect little treasures along the way... affordable, little treasures at that. M's "Buggy Bash" was no exception (especially nice this time because I did a lot of the finding before her newest sister came along!)

I found bumblebee wings for she and her older sister at the Dollar Store... scored sweet knit butterfly clippies for a next to nothing sale off Etsy... found ADORABLE butterfly visors as favors for 15 CENTS a piece at The Children's Place (for the girls) along with grow bug capsules out of the Target Dollar Spot (for the boys)... made bug catchers from throw away tupperware on the cheap (just stuck some moss in the bottoms) and sent the littles on their way to look for scads of bugs collected from Michaels and Target dollar aisles.

It's all just part of the fun, which is exactly what I had when decorating the main table for the birthday girl and 17 small guests!
We were at your standard picnic shelter, so I simply pulled two long tables to the middle. My "tablecloth" was nothing more than a roll of wrapping paper ($2.99 at Target), which just so happened to match the invites (dressed up blank note cards from Target as well). I secured the paper with black duct tape, which we definitely needed on what turned out to be an atypical breezy July morning.
The centerpieces were glass jars straight out of my recycling bin! The party's main colors were black and white accented by lots of primary colors, so I found the perfect buggy paper at the Hobby Lobby.
I wrapped the paper around each glass jar and hot glued it in place. There was a gap between the paper and the jar's opening, so I filled it with more black and white tissue paper ($1.99 from, you guessed it, Target). I stuffed these great bug pinwheels ($1.50 at the Family Dollar) in the two taller ones and some fake gerbera daisies (from home) in the others.

They still needed a little something extra so I stamped "M's" on paper and used tiny clothespins to keep them in place. I have one of these letter stamps for each of the girls, which I found at a scrapbook discount store, and I can't tell you how many times I use them for a cheap way to personalize stationary and the like.
Lately I've been in the mood to "invest" in some essentials that can be used party after party like the red hamburger baskets found here ($1.00 for four from the Target Dollar Spot).
A little more of the tissue paper allowed me to fill them with snacks of the buggiest variety! :) Some coconut dyed green for grass, an oreo and pretzel spider, butterfly and flower crackers, fruit salad, ants on a log, and fruit leather. Some lemonade "nectar" with twirly straws ($1.00 for twelve at the Target Dollar Spot) finished off the set-up along with some primary colored napkins (right now 50% off at Target making them like 75 cents).

Once the guests arrived they went to play at the park next to our shelter. It was fun to call them over and have each little place all set up and ready to go as they climbed up to the tables. I did the same thing once they finished the bug hunt with their "dirt cup" desserts. The cups with lids were another "investment" at $1.50 for four from Big Lots... I'll for sure use these for parties, playdates, and all kinds of other gatherings.
Simply layer chocolate pudding, then crushed Oreos, then a gummy worm on top... easy and fun to eat!

Best of all, this bug-loving birthday girl had a blast.

And I admit that I did too, even if it means she really is (sigh) TWO years old already!
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