Saturday, November 28, 2009

Advent Adventures

It's such fun to watch the girls start to really get it when it comes to the Christmas season. And so this year we decided to begin the tradition of an Advent Calendar that we hope speaks to their little hearts.

The supplies:

Not pictured: 12 computer printable mailing labels (or numbered stickers), computer paper and your trusty (or in our case lately our not-so-trusty) computer

I had visions of a cute galvanized bucket version of the calendar, but I think I haven't yet mentioned on this blog some exciting news... we're expecting our third bundle in May!! That would explain why I decided to go much more simply and why I consider the following to be another of the project's necessities.

Moving on. :)

So, basically, if you don't happen upon the "Christmas card holder" thingy from the Dollar Tree, you can use string, twine, or an old clothesline along with twelve clothespins. Either way the materials are easy to work with and way affordable. As an aside, you don't need to have the cardboard pieces on the clothespins. For the flip side without cardboard, I actually just modgepodged right on the pins themselves and they're sturdy.

The original little details were cute, but some vintagey paper turned them much cuter. Just cut out 24 little squares and mod podge those babies on the pins. You'll notice that I put twelve on one side and twelve on the other to save space and help it fit easily on our mantle.

Then I printed the numbers one through twenty-four on mailing labels (two per label). Again you could use number stickers or hand write the numbers with marker... whatever is easiest.

Print out/write out your list of adventures, cut with fun scissors, hang the line on your mantle, and clip the papers underneath. Pay no attention that the snowmen still somehow turned themselves upside down. Voila! Twenty-four days of small, sweet projects to have fun and to give to others. I'm giddy!

Choosing the ideas was my favorite part of the project! Here's our list, in no particular order, just in case you need something to get your wheels turning.
*Pick out a gift for a child from the Samaritan’s Purse catalog
*Build a gingerbread house
*Take a bag full of cans to the church food pantry
*Share Christmas coloring books & crayons at the Children’s Hospital (hint: I got these after Christmas last year from the drug store for dirt cheap... like ten cents a book! And the crayons for maybe a quarter a piece during the back to school sales.)
*Make treats for Daddy’s work & neighborhood friends
*Open this year’s special Christmas book & read it (hint: Keep your eye out. I found our copy brand new for $1.00!)
*Act out the Christmas Story
*Make a homemade ornament
*Have a morning filled with Christmas movies & making popcorn/cheerio garland for your mini bedroom trees
*Surprise Daddy with lunch
*Call two people just to say,“We love you!”
*Pick two or more of your toys to give to the Goodwill
*Choose/make something lovely for your sister’s gift
*Choose/make some things lovely for Daddy and Mommy's gifts
*Send your grandparents something special made by you
*Read as many Christmas books as we want by the tree & drink hot cocoa
*Make snowflakes to hang in the window-use the messy glitter!
*Take our homeless friend a box of goodies
*Learn our caroling songs
*Send a pretty picture to and pray for our Compassion Child
*Dress in our pjs and go see the Sugar Plum Fairy at the library
*Go see Santa at the library and take him our letters
*M have a date with Daddy; H have a date with Mommy
*M have a date with Mommy; H have a date with Daddy

Here's to a beautiful season of Advent!
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