Tuesday, November 17, 2009

At the Kids' Table

I'll squeeze in a peek at the grown-up's table on Thursday. In case you need any last minute details... in the nick of time, of course. I can promise you it's all simple, cheap, and easy. Have you tired yet of that combination when it comes to us?

I can hardly wait until my niece and nephews arrive next week! They have a twelve plus hour drive to get here, and we appreciate the effort made by their family to spend Thanksgiving with us. Though the kids' table isn't officially set up yet, here are some quick ways to give it personality.

**Fun paper products...
Don't have a pic of this one... but check out your dollar stores! I got some sweet little turkey plates and cups with leaf napkins for a whopping three bucks.

**Opportunities to color while they eat...

**Goofily cute centerpiece...

**Sweet place cards that make good of all that leftover candy (gonna put just a simple white card underneath each one)...

When it's time to make the long trek home, I like to send along a little pack of goodies for each kid. Us Simple Girls have a much more elaborate version done up for our annual weekend away in the mountains (B & S, do you have any pics of those to share?). For the kiddos, I keep the travel bags silly and simple but full of stuff I know they'll enjoy.

Contents: Scribble-Bear (I want one!) and a pad of paper (top sheet has a little see-you-later note from us), candy necklace, box of raisins, bag of Skittles, fruit strip, and a baggie of Goldfish.

For less than six bucks total, there's a final reminder of us to them... and hopefully a little extra sanity for their parents! :)

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