Friday, November 13, 2009

Be Our Guest!

One of our family's favorite parts of this time of year is the visitors who come to stay! We don't have the privilege of living near many family members and close friends, so the holidays provide a chance for some of our favorite people to come to what we hope is their home away from home.

Here are a few of the little considerations that we hope add up to a great, big welcome...

*Fresh, clean smelling linens and towels on the bed

*Chocolates, a favorite candy, or maybe some homemade candy corn cookies on the pillows along with a homemade note, usually from the girls

*A tray full of extras in the bathroom just in case they forgot something (to the pic above we've now added q-tips, an extra toothbrush, etc.-- sky's the limit!)

*When possible, a small bouquet of fresh flowers on the nightstand... a great smelling candle burning while they're settling in for bed doesn't hurt either!

*A fan and/or extra blankets to help the temperature feel just right

*Magazines and/or great reads nearby to help them unwind

*If we don't already know, a simple call ahead to find out about any food allergies or dislikes. I usually make a rough sketch of meals for while guests are visiting and, when possible, cook as much as I can ahead of time so that I don't spend the whole visit in the kitchen. For example, when Brooke and Sarai are visiting I am sure to have lots and lots of tomatoes on hand... their stomachs probably just turned a little even reading that sentence! :)

*I usually also look at what might be going on in our area while people are visiting and then keep those ideas in the back of my mind. Our goal is for people to feel at ease, so we typically don't try to cram in a bunch. It's always nice to have options, though, just in case.

*Big hugs soon as they arrive and some help getting those bags put away so we can focus on the best part... catching up!

Hope your guests feel extra special this holiday season!
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