Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Girls' Weekend

It's been a running tradition (almost a decade now!) for us three simple girls to get together with about four other college friends. Each year takes on a little different flavor because we all rotate turns in the planning and putting together of the details.

But a few things pretty much always stay the same. In no particular order those would be... cuteness, encouragement, laughter, and brownies.

Lots and lots of brownies.

This year it wasn't up to any three of us to do the planning, but two other gals with true simple girl style did some kind of a beautiful job! We thought we'd share a few of the details to encourage you to get together some girlfriends and enjoy one another.

In order to save money we stayed at a friend's beautiful home in Georgia. One of the best parts of pulling up to the place where we make a weekend home is the smidge of adorable plastered on the door:
"Spring" was the theme this year... in the past we've seen everything from colors to our shared love for butterflies to... well, you name it. Just inside the door, this sweet table setting got us right in the mood for flowers and all things sunshine.
Throughout the weekend the hostesses shower everyone with agape, little gifts given out of unconditional love and joy. These tidbits are rarely ever expensive and typically handmade. One of our favorites was given during a devotional (another favorite part of the weekend!). As we talked about the depth of the Father's love for each of us, we were given hand painted pots (in colors that matched each of our styles!) with a journal, some matching gloves, and "forget me not" seeds. Precious!
We are often happy to lounge in our pjs until as late as possible. This time, though, we had a little motivation to get us up much earlier than usual on Saturday morning:

The neighborhood sale was RIDICULOUS! Don't think any of us spent more than ten bucks, and we came back with all sorts of treasures.

The rest of the time was spent doing things we enjoy... a trip to the Hobby Lobby, Sunday morning church together, girly movie night (complete with each person's favorite drink and candy), a free mini-spa that had us all in stitches, and sharing many good meals together.

Speaking of sharing, one of our friends also started a tradition to ensure we all got to open up with everyone during our short time together. Each of these flowers had a question on it that we'd pull out as we sat around eating or whatever. The questions ranged from the hardest thing we had faced in the past year to our favorite books... we all loved this and left the weekend feeling like we had truly heard each person's heart!
As we all got on the road to head back to our respective homes, we always have one more thing to look forward to... a burnt CD with a couple of each friend's favorite songs. This somehow makes saying goodbye a little bit easier! After getting home this go 'round, we had another thing to look forward to as well... pics of us that a friend of a friend took for basically nothing per person. It was awesome to have so many group shots without having to set a timer all while making a mad dash for a crooked end result. :)

Well, there you have it... a little slice of Heaven from some of our girlfriends to yours!

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