Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's the Little Things-A Show Us your Life Post

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I have always been of the mindset that it is the little things in life that bring lots of smiles and happiness. I am excited to share a few things with you that bring lots of joy to my life. Some might seem silly, but ultimately, it IS the little things in life that are my favorite!

Little Joy #1: Sonic Happy Hour
Luckily on my way home from school everyday, I have the opportunity to pass by the local Sonic. There is nothing like an ice cold Cherry Limeade or a Large Diet Coke to help bring a smile to my face! And the fact that they are half price from 2-5 does not hurt either! My goal is to try all 168,894 different drink combinations. Anyone know of where we can find a list?

Little Joy #2: Music
It is amazing how music will take you to so many places. Back to your high school days at the Friday night football games, being with your family on a holiday, or to a place where you found God. I love discovering new artists and of course spending time with some of my favorites. Here are a few that I especially love, maybe they will bring a little joy to you too!
Shane and Shane
Bethany Dillon
Phil Wickham
Mat Kearney
JJ Heller

Little Joy #3: Paper Products
I am not talking about plates and napkins here but fun note cards, note pads and papers. I love being able to send notes to people I love or who might need encouragement. It brings me such joy. I am a bit obsessed with cards and such, I think I might have my own Hallmark store in my craft room. Would you believe one of my jobs in high school was at a Gold Crown store? Another great place to find cute note cards is the Michael's dollar bin! You never know what treasures you might find!

Little Joy #4: Getting real mail in the mail slot! I love my mail slot at my house and finding a handwritten note or card, a fun new magazine or catalog can totally turn a bad day into a great one!

Little Joy #5: Family

I am so blessed with an amazing family who love and support each other through everything. I love spending time with them and hearing stories of what life used to be like. I hope I will always treasure those moments!

Little Joy #6: New Chapstick

Little Joy #7: The TV show GLEE

Little Joy #8: My amazing friends

I wish I could take lots of space and tell you about ALL my amazing friends, but I just feel so blessed to have an awesome group of friends near and far who really challenge me to be more like Jesus. I love them all so much. Whether we are on a night out on the town, a random road trip or just sitting on the couch watching episodes of Friends, they are the best! I know that I am changed for better because of the people in my life!

Little Joy #9: A Reese Cup

Little Joy #10: Good Mexican Food

Little Joy #11: Being able to make other people smile

So, there are so many other things I could share about what I love or what makes me happy...I am just thankful that it is the little things that bring joy to our lives!

Be Happy...


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