Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Art Party Invites

We trust you all had a merry Christmas with the hopes of a coming happy and healthy new year!

With the last of the twinkling glows and ridiculous baked goods and family departures, it's time for our family to turn our attention to a certain soon to be three-year-old.

In just a few weeks she plans to ring in her new year of life with a little artistic flair. That led us to whip up some colorful birthday party invitations. The best part is she got to be an active part of the creative process!

Gather your supplies: regular white computer paper, black card stock (sign-up for e-mails from your local craft store; you're likely to get great coupons when you need even the most basic of supplies like this!), fun ribbon, hot glue, scissors, tempera paints in a variety of colors, a shoebox, some rocks, a hole punch, and miscellaneous crayons
Put your copy paper in the bottom of the shoebox, roll the rocks with paints, shut the box lid, and shake to your heart's delight!

Once they're all done let them dry while you type up your invite. Ours went a little something like this:

Life is Art (then I struck through the "Life" and typed the words "Turning Three" above it)
Please join us for an Art Party
The (Family Name) Gallery
(Date and Time)

Our featured artist won't keep you starving by serving mid-afternoon dessert!
You can enlarge the pics to see that part better; just ignore the smudges over personal information.

Then we printed them right on the painted papers, hole punched the tops to secure to the black card stock with ribbon, and added a single crayon to the top of it all.

Relatively simple, perfectly imperfect, and a lot of fun for the artsy girl. More party ideas to come.

But maybe a little New Year's first? :)
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