Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Collage

Attention all last minute shoppers, Attention all last minute shoppers... :)

I'm back!

My husband received a glorious gift to basically work from home today; this is HUGE in our world! So after the smallest babe was down for her nap, the oldest and I headed out to pick up a few last minute items.

Enter collage cuteness.

I don't know how many of you use this function, but it's a great way to capture bunches o' photos on the cheap. Add a meaningful title and you're good to go! We made one for each set of grandparents this year and for my brother who will be with us for Christmas. His is a personal congratulations, but the other two are like walks down memory lane for 2009.

Upload your photos to most any photo site and find the collage link. Follow the easy steps to arranging them. I prefer Wal-Mart because of the matte finish. Had I been able to plan ahead a bit more, I could have gotten the 5x7 collages for a mere 58 cents a print. I paid a little more and put them in some (hunted and hunted through) Dollar Store frames. With my one hour fee, these gifts come in at just barely three bucks a piece. The possibilities are endless!

As an aside, we used the same collage function for this year's Christmas cards. Four pictures for a total of nine cents per print. Don't forget all the after the holiday sales at your drugstores. Walgreens hooked us up last year with a boatload of cards (blank on the inside to write our annual letter). I think I got something in the ballpark of eighty for three dollars or less! I love to send real mail, but it can get so expensive in bulk; hunting like this can make it affordable. The mailbox is such a happy place this time of year!

Off to wrap some gifts and maybe even make some reindeer food now that the girls are in bed. I think that calls for some hot chocolate. Extra marshmallows, please!

Any last minute gifts you're wrapping up?

Until after Christmas!

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