Saturday, December 19, 2009

Linky {Last Minute} Love

As my family gets ready to head out for some final touches today, I thought I'd share a few of the ways we're doing homemade within our walls. These projects come from the school of no sew, still thoughtful, and mostly not a lot of dough... basically you'll get an A+ in the subject of being last minute!

First up, since we decided to each receive three gifts just as Jesus did, one of them ended up being from sister to sister. Of course, we turned to our old friend the Hobby Lobby who cooperated nicely by having fleece on sale this past week. The girls picked out fabric for each other, I did a lot of cutting, and we sort of tied things all up together. Their favorite part was decorating each other's packages with markers and Christmas stickers. Since they both love blankets, I can't wait to see their faces in a few days! For complete instructions, lots more detailed than I even did, check 'em out here. (While you're at the Hob Lob, pick up a plain long sleeve tee with your 40% off coupon. Make Daddy an article of clothing that's sure to be an, ahem, custom design!)

Next are stocking stuffers for my extended family, but I think they would work just as well for gifts. Thanks to Big Huge Labs you can easily make covers for CD's of fun, inspirational music. I'm thinking personal black and white photos!

Lastly, some good friends of ours got my creative juices flowing when she e-mailed to ask for some help in writing a song for her husband. They have a ten dollar limit on Christmas this year, and I had a ball thinking up ideas. Here are just a few to get you going:

*Dessert of the Month Club (My husband's getting this one: basically each month he gets to choose one of twelve desserts I'll make for him.)
*A jar or bound index card file filled with things you love about a person, quotes, scripture, etc... one for each day, week, or month of the year
*A coupon book with fun things to redeem from the practical (clean a car, paint a room, etc.) to the romantic (back rubs, candlelit dinner, etc.) depending on the person of course
*Homemade bag of fun mix like trail mix with a promise to go on a hike, for example, if that's your thing or tropical chex mix for that person who just needs to "get away"
*All natural bubble bath (I'm totally making this either before or after Christmas for the girls' sensitive skin!) or sugar scrub

Sorry to throw it all into one post here, but my camera is still awaiting a major download and the big day is... yikes... less than a week away!

Have a creative weekend full of all things merry and bright!

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