Monday, March 8, 2010

Coffee Shower

This past weekend we had the privilege of supporting an amazing family as they prepare to foster adopt four handsome young men. The shower was this fun and eclectic mix of deep purple, turquoise, chocolate brown, green, and burnt orange. Drag some carpets and cafe' seating from all over the church to make it cozy... light flickering tea lights... and indulge in things like almond lemon biscotti and more cappuccino punch. Divine!

A team of us ladies put it together and here are some of the touches which made another super creative friend's coffee idea good to the last drop... :)

The centerpieces...

Long cinnamon sticks (on big time clearance from what I am told!) in tall glass vases. Simple ribbon tied around the outsides. Prayers and/or coffee beans scattered around.

The food...
All we can say is thank-you Food Network... oh and thank-you Paula Deen, which you all know means we must also thank the butter.

The games...

We asked each guest to self-address a homemade thank-you card with the inscription, "Thanks a latte'..." That way all the guest of honor has to do is write her sentiments and send the cards on their way. We drew out envelopes and six guests won a pick from a basket of gourmet coffee candies, Starbucks chocolates, and tea cookies (all scored for a buck a piece at Big Lots!)

Our other game was a collection of coffee and tea related accessories (more Big Lots and Target)piled into clear containers (all scored from the Dollar Store!) Guests guessed the number in each one and the closest estimates won the containers full of Peaceful Mama tea, hazelnut creamers, Sugar in the Raw packets, and coffee filters.

The activity...
Mostly, we wanted the mama to be to have time to share with us all about her family's great adventure and to fellowship. Afterwards we took time, however, to pray verses and promises over each boy. You can imagine that made the tears fall!

The favors...
After coffee mints wrapped up in favor boxes with ribbons used throughout the shower. A tiny square of photo tape held each ribbon in place.

A sweet time for a sweet family! Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they continue this great journey. Don't some people simply inspire you to live and serve more boldly?

Me too!
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