Wednesday, August 26, 2009

But for This

In the past eight years my husband and I have moved four times to three different states. In each new place we have faced the challenge of starting over, establishing community again among cities of almost all strangers.


How, I love myself a good but.

But, these adventures haven't been for nothing. We have learned so much about trust, ourselves, and risk taking. And we have learned, time and again, the value of building relationships wherever we have been called to go. No matter how hard it can sometimes be.

That's why this past summer inspiration struck to call together moms for a playgroup with a twist. Not only was our focus to slurp popsicles, to chitchat about potty training and discipline, to remind little hands about sharing again, and to laugh at the kids romping around. We hoped to get to know one another more deeply, to share and pray and encourage.

With some neighborhood tweens to babysit upstairs before lunch time/nap time meltdowns came calling (at a buck an hour for each walking kiddo)... an inspirational book You are Captivating; Celebrating a Mother's Heart by John and Stasi Eldredge... and the promise of meeting just about every other week... that's what we tried to do.

Last week was our final gathering for now and, in honor of the last chapter's title, we had a "Nurture Your Heart" celebration. My budget was pretty tight this month, but I still wanted it to be special even if I had to use a lot of what I already have. As I so often find, it's in those simple details anyhow!

Like mason jars filled with lemon lime punch, whipped cream, or candlelight...

Flowers from the backyard with a message to every guest...
Sweet things to munch on while we discussed where our hearts were at, how Stacee makes her rice krispy treats so gourmet like, and what so-and-so's munchkin did the other day...
(Don't be afraid to take shortcuts... with time and money running a bit low, these little treats made a big hit for a few dollars. Yes, I dug this box out of the trash for you! :)
Copies of the book to read and reread when we need a lift back in the blessing of what can sometimes creep into overwhelming...
Best of all, the Eldredge's have written two other great books-- Wild at Heart, targeted for the heart of men, and Captivating, for the heart of women in general. I throw this out there to you as a friendly challenge for whatever your season of life; grab a group of people, dig in, and encourage each other to become all that you were created to be!

Then, please, come back here to share your own but story.

We'll be waiting.

And we simply can't wait to hear all about it.


Don't forget the giveaway below ends tomorrow! I can tell you from experience that Sarai has a real gift for making these special (CUTE!) treasures. Can't wait to see the lucky winner!
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