Friday, August 21, 2009

You've Got Mail

What do you like to find in your mailbox? Let me guess, the power bill, random catalogs and sales papers. If you are like me, you find joy in weeding through the typical mail to find a handwritten card or note. These are my favorite mail days! I have always loved getting mail. In fact, one of my favorite parts of my house is the mail slot in the front door. Not only do I find joy in getting a little something special through my mail slot every once in a while, I also find joy in sending handwritten notes to others. But in the craziness of life, it can sometimes be hard to find time to write these handwritten treasures. As soon as I sit down to begin writing, a dusty table catches my eye, or the pile of laundry starts calling my name. So, to help me really be able to focus on adding a little happiness to someone's day, I have found that creating a "writing tote" and heading to my local coffee shop to write helps me to focus. I thought I would share with you what I include in my "writing tote" and maybe this will inspire you to take some time away and share a little mail with someone you love!

You will need a cute tote bag to gather your materials in. I find that this one is the prefect size for what I need. It is not too bulky and fits all the tools I will need for the day of writing.

The things that are in my tote bag are the most important. I really am fond of cute note cards, I have quite the stash. I always keep 2 or 3 generic packs in the bag so that I can write any kind of note that might be needed. I also include some specific cards for birthday, get well, and other special occasions. This way if an important day comes up, I am prepared.

I also like to have fun pens to write with, it just adds a little something to the notes you send. I found an old container at my house and filled with with markers, colored pens and other writing instruments.

Sometimes I like to tuck a little treat in the cards I send. Maybe a little note of encouragement or one of my favorite quotes. I like to include a quote book and my bible in my bag for times when I want to include some encouragement. I also have quite the collection of stickers and inspirational quote cards that also come in handy.

To finish up the contents of my bag, I will throw in my address book and some stamps. If you want to get really fancy on your notes, you might check out this website where you can make your own personalized photo stamps for those special occasions.

So there you go, a little tip for helping you bring a little joy to a mailbox near you. Have you checked your mail today?


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