Monday, August 17, 2009

Shoes Solution

Keeping shoes organized and with their mate can sometimes be a headache. Some people opt for piles on the floor. Others opt for individual boxes. Well, you probably wouldn't be surprised to know that I've never really had a shoe organizational problem...that is until I got married.

It was easy to organize and store my own shoes. Even though I'm a proud member of the "10 & Ups Club", shoes were typically pretty small and slender in size.

Men's shoes are a whole new ballgame. They're big and bulky and boot-like and they take up SO. MUCH. ROOM. In an effort to keep my husband's shoes organized I ventured off to our local Wal-Mart establishment and came home with a $9.99 canvas hanging shoe organizer. You know what I'm talking about...the neat little canvas thing that has the compartments that hangs from your closet rod.

Well, apparently whoever made those things had never experienced the storing struggles associated with men's shoes. Upon installing my new organizational item, I quickly realized that the bulkiness of the shoes meant that each individual shoe had to go in a separate compartment. That's right...what was supposed to hold 10 pairs of shoes only held 5. Not a good solution. I thought to myself: There has to be SOMETHING that serves a similar purpose but has bigger compartments. And then I remembered...hanging sweater organizers. BINGO and Voila! The shoes fit perfectly! Check it out...

We'd love to hear your own strategies for storing those pesky shoes! Any other great ideas?

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