Friday, October 16, 2009

Counting Sheep... I Mean Crafts

The house is quiet, and I just can't sleep. My wheels are turning for a number of reasons, so I decided I could use some crafting therapy.

This little bloggy idea is just what the doctor ordered!

For around five bucks the girls now have some buckety cuteness to carry for, what I hope is, years to come.

I started with this plus scissors and several more glue sticks:
Now I'll admit, I'm not a fan of scary and weird when it comes to fall time fun. It's just not our thing. And I didn't have two gallons of ice-cream lying around, which would have been semi-horrifying for me to eat right now anyway. These buckets simply had the market on being black and cheap, a perfect combo for this project.

Felt hot glued and trimmed...
Ribbon hot glued to touch up the edges and tied onto the handles. Next year, I'll replace the ladybug print with something different...

Initials stamped into place. I bought two of these monograms for about seventy-five cents a year ago at a scrapbook superstore. One for each of the girl's names, and they come in handy all the time...
Wait! I went and made the skeletons mad or something. Smudged printing on top of the ribbon to boot. Not exactly what I had in mind.

Hmmm, maybe a bit of brain food could help...
Works every time! So glad I opted to pay the additional twenty cents for another sheet of black felt. Always, always get extras when you hear that little voice saying, "You know, you might mess up???"
Better, I think! I reprinted the letter on extra felt and framed out the piece with ribbon and four small buttons. Crisis avoided after all!
Thanks, Brown Paper Packages! Surely my sleep will be sweeter now, but I'm sure gonna get some before attempting the next bucket on my list. :)

Happy Weekend,
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