Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Helping Paint the Trees

I can't wait to take a drive soon up the nearby parkway to see God's paintbrush at work. Flecks of gold, orange, yellow, and red on the trees.

And don't forget the thermos of cider!

In anticipation of that simple joy, the girls and I did an easy painting project. No need for brushes since the fingers do all the creating. I do have two words for you, though... washable paints. You're welcome. :)
Trace from the elbow to the fingertips to make your tree trunk. We crayoned, but you could paint this part too.
Then finger paint those leaves to your heart's delight! Though I love a cute little apron, when it's just us here, we almost always paint au' naturale. When fingerpaints move to belly, knee, and elbow paints it just makes life easier on us all. :)
We hung the paintings in the kitchen windows so we can compare to the trees out back. H's went all ablaze on us, while M's had a kind of less is more approach. Either way, we call them precious.

A sweet touch of fall, even.
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