Thursday, October 8, 2009

No Place Like Home

Of course, that title has nothing to do with ladybug shoes.

But the shoes themselves just scream it, don't you think?

Thanks to Modge Podge Rocks for sharing this found idea. And thanks to you, dear Hobby Lobby, for having your glitter 50% off this week. Take some Modge Podge, glitter (sprinkles, as my little girls says :), a brush, and shoes Lysol'd to bits from the Goodwill. Apply the podge liberally and cover in glitter until you're satisfied with the result.


Since we couldn't quite wait until they were completely dry to try on them on, I'm off to do a touch up job while the girls nap.

Can't wait again to see these ladybug toes in all their sprinkly glory at the end of the month!
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