Friday, October 30, 2009

Final Touches

Goodwill shirts stenciled. Roughly stenciled, but done all the same.

Yes, my hubby is such a good sport. Yes, I definitely plan to keep him!

See... :)

"It's the GREAT PUMPKIN, Charlie Brown!"

With a quack, quack here and a moo, moo there...

Dollar Store angel halos transformed with ladybugish style.

We're ready to roll! Almost.

Except for that whole house preparing thing. Thank goodness Nana is in town!

Tomorrow is our second annual CHILI-ing Fall Fun. The neighborhood children and their families come over to our place in the evening. Chili for the adults, hot dogs for the kiddos, a bonfire out back, and welcoming front porch lights along the streets calling for candy overload afterwards.

Fall time lovely!

How will you spend your Saturday?

Have a safe one,

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