Saturday, February 27, 2010

Help Haiti Live...TONIGHT!

Here is just one more reason I wish I lived in Nashville! Tonight many amazing artists are gathering to help raise money for the people in Haiti. My heart is still overwhelmed with all that these people must have gone through during this time. Some of my all time favorite artists are going to be performing tonight...
Alison Krauss- Just simply love her and I especially love that she sat right behind me at church a few weeks ago when I was visiting another Simple Girl in TN!
Jars of Clay- I remember the first time I heard their music and I was hooked. The song Love Song for a Savior gets me every time.
Mat Kearney- Friends, if you have not checked this guy out...go right now to iTunes and buy his albums!
Matt Wertz, Brandon Heath and Dave Barnes- need I say more!
So even if you don't find yourself in Nashville tonight, you can still tune in to this amazing event to raise money for such a great cause. Check it out online at at 7:30.
Sounds like a pretty good Saturday night to me!
Happy Weekend!
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