Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rewind: Zoo Party

... or "pawty," as my used to be two-year-old used to say.


While posting some pics of her third birthday party, I had visions of that party animal welcoming her guests just about twelve months earlier.

Since winter birthdays can sometimes be a challenge, I thought maybe some of you might face the same dilemma. You know, no pools or parks or pretty much outside anythings.

What's a Mama to do?

Well, we combined the birthday girl's love for animals with my love for creating with that little girl on a budget... hope you enjoy our walk on the wild side!

The windy weather had us move the easel indoors, which directed the guests where to go. They each got to pick an animal to be for the afternoon... raaaar! (Masks from Oriental Trading Company).

Grazing Table...
This was a fun way to do the party food! We picked animals like zebras who eat haystacks (pictured), elephants who eat peanuts (those crazy, big circus ones), monkeys who eat bananas, bears who eat fish (goldfish crackers), lions who eat animals (the cracker kind), and giraffes who eat trees (marshmallows rolled in marshmallow cream and green rice krispies... stuck on pretzel rods for the trunks!) We also had green punch or as we called it... "Jungle Juice."

Dessert was homemade vanilla cupcakes with teddy grahams sprinkled on top. It was also accompanied by a simple sign... :)
Wildlife adventures...
Games and activities were at different stations upstairs each manned (girled?) by Aunties Brooke, Sarai, and Marcie. "Pin the Trunk on the Elephant" was especially fun since my daughter got to sponge paint that one mostly by herself. "Feed the Seal" was just three buckets in a spread out row with a fish covered bean bag to use for throwing.

Though no pictures, they were probably the biggest hit of the party. A dear friend made cd's of animal songs that even the parents raved about way after the party happened. From the rap version of "Pop Goes the Weasel" and Carly Simon's "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to the funky take on "Five Little Monkeys" and "Rockin' Robin"... that cd is still requested by our girls all the time! We wrapped one up for each party guest in cheetah print bags from the Hobby Lobby.

Extra Tid Bits...
A couple yards of animal print fabric and tissue paper were cost effective decorating tools from the Hobby Lobby. We stuck to mostly cheetah and zebra designs. Black plates, gold napkins, and black posterboard from the Dollar Store were other buys. As for the rest of the decor, I used clip art from my computer along with grasses, vines, etc. from our backyard!

If you have an animal lover in the house or a winter birthday to plan... maybe this can help? It was super affordable and enjoyable... except for the birthday girl sneaking too many of those orange peanut concoctions.

Another post for another day. :)


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