Saturday, February 6, 2010

Save the Brownies!!!

While Brooke might be a fan of cooking up some comfort food during bouts of winter weather, I'm all about baking...and the more chocolate involved, the better!

I bake brownies at least once a month it seems (at least that's what my scales tell me!) and have always had such a horrible time getting them from the pan to a platter without turning them to a pile of crumbs! Well, I've recently learned a super simple trick that helps with this process. Are you ready for this?

Use a plastic knife to cut the brownies!
(I know a picture isn't necessary for you to get this concept. You're smart gals, you can figure it out. But I just couldn't resist...look at those yummy squares of goodness! Don't you just want to eat one?!?!)

Anyway, I've started keeping plastic knives on hand JUST for this purpose! It's easy and it won't scratch your non-stick pans! This little trick works not only for brownies, but also for cookie bars and fudge and all kinds of yummy treats!

So, go ahead and bake up some yummy Valentine's Day brownies (as if you needed a holiday for an excuse!) just so you can try this out! Enjoy!


ps... Be sure to scroll down for more of this weekend's lovely tips and ideas! :)
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