Monday, September 28, 2009

Chalk it up

One my favorite places to find treasures is my local Dollar Tree store. I am sure you can testify to being able to find all kinds of things to transform into cute accessories for your home or to give as gifts. I often find lots of things there that I can use in my classroom for learning, storage or decoration. Most days, I don't really have a clear vision of what I am looking for...but on a recent trip I knew exactly what I needed.

These trays were exactly what I needed to complete a simple, yet fun project to add a little fun to my kitchen and other areas of my house. One thing I love to keep on hand at my house is chalkboard paint. So with these trays and a little spray paint, the creating began!

To begin with, I taped off the edges of the trays using a little painters tape. This was a little tricky as the trays do not have the straightest edges. This caused a little paint to end up in places I might not have wanted it. One suggestion I have here is that you might want to get the chalkboard paint in the bucket, instead of the spray kind. This might fix the problem right up! If you know where to find that by the way, please leave a comment, I am having a really hard time finding it!

After painting, you must let your paint dry for at least 24 hours in order for it to really work like a chalkboard. This might be a difficult step for you, or well me, because I was so anxious to give it a try and see if it really worked. But trust this simple girl on this one, you really have to let it dry! Once the trays have dried, find your old school chalk and print a special message to be displayed.

Chalk it up to another simple project for all you simple girls!



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