Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Daily Vacation

That's what my eldest has taken to calling our "daily devotion" time. I almost corrected her.


Then I thought, that girl's just about right.

This time shouldn't be about obligation or mundane routine. It's a blessing, an honor, a vacation.

One where we get to pray, sing, and read all while in the light of the Son. One where, beginning this fall, I want consistency to happen.

And so we decided to pack our bag for this daily trip. Actually, we packed an old galvanized planter. Here's what we included:

* This beautiful, be still my heart, Bible-- most fitting for older toddlers/children
*This colorful Bible-- better fitted for those who are younger
*Our favoritest EVER scripture CD's-- Seeds of Faith and Seeds of Encouragement, our favorite of the favoritest
*A prayer journal and pen
*Our thankful can, or as it is most often called, "Our Jeshush Can"

The last two we made using some pretty simple materials we had lying around. In fact, looking at this picture, we didn't even use that ribbon. We opted for tape instead as you'll see below.
I hole punched some cut-to-size handwriting paper between two pieces of scrapbook paper for the journal.
Measure-smeasure. I, as you'll find to be typical, just eyeballed it.

Then I used a ring clip to hold it together. Here's a peek at the inside.
The can is full of things we can thank God for. First, we brainstormed a list.
Then we cut strips from scrapbook paper scraps and taped them to Popsicle sticks. Letter stickers finished them off. You could also hot glue or tacky glue them or forgo the paper and use good 'ole Sharpie markers. Whatever you have and whatever is easiest.

For the outside of the can, I have two words for you. Modge. Podge. Glorious stuff.
Oh and clipped to the front of the planter is our memory verse from the week, which we choose based on which Seeds song we're learning.
I find that it works best if I keep the planter out where we can all see it and remind each other. I also find that breakfast time or just after breakfast gives me a pretty captive (and contained) audience.

In this almost brand new week, full of possibilities, let's encourage one another! Any deals, ideas, or vacation spots that work for you or for your family? :)


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