Friday, September 11, 2009

Moo No More!

A few weeks ago I started my first go round with re-upholstering and completely revamping these oh-so-lovely chairs. (You can read a little more about them here.)

Apparently I was so ready to see the the cows go away, that it didn't occur to me that I didn't have to remove the contact paper. (It was stuck to the original upholstery fabric that was going to be removed anyway!) At any rate, it gave me a chance to show what these bad boys looked like in their original state:

Pretty, huh?

And then came the HOURS of removing the old upholstery. Whoever assmbled these chairs back in the day was more than determined to keep the fabric in place. As you can see, this particular assembly person must have been getting paid by the staple...

Between the 2 chair seats and the back piece from the one chair, I removed well over FIVE HUNDRED FIFTY STAPLES...and then my hands ached for days!

For the life of us, we COULD NOT figure out how to get that back piece out of the chair. Apparently beating on it with a hammer, hoping that the little pegs holding it in place will magically cause it to fall out isn't the way to go. Who woulda thought? It wasn't until after this happened...

...that we saw the 2 simple little screws holding it in on the bottom. A little twist here and there and that thing just fell right out. Awesome. So, my wonderful hubby worked some magic with wood putty and you can barely even tell this happened in the first place!

Here are the chairs sans cushions after the first coat of paint. I wish I had known that it would take 5 coats of paint to get them looking sharp.

So, it took several hours of work, and we probably didn't follow all the "rules" of furniture re-do, but I'm MORE than pleased with these results! Without further ado, here's the finished result....


And because I love it so much, here's a close up of the fabric I used, thank you Hobby Lobby! And as you can see, you have to look REALLY close to see our big "Oops!".

My super talented step-dad upholstered the pieces for me and he did a great job, don't you think?

I still haven't decided where their permanent home will be. For now, they're set up as a little seating area in the living room.
I have several other pieces that I'm dreaming of painting and redoing. Any suggestions or tips?


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